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Raw Tattoo

Time to share some work from artist Arron Raw, we first come across Arron many years ago before Lifesinked was formed and we are very honoured to be in a position where we can share the work from this talented artist and all round gent. Arron specialises in Custom Black & Grey Realism. At this […]

Artists, Tattooists, Tattoos

Killer Ink Interview Grindhouse Tattoo Productions

Killer Ink Killer Ink have teamed up with ‘Grindhouse Tattoo Productions‘ to give you this interesting interview with Artists Kyle Williams and Alex Wright. You won’t want to miss this, more of insight into these talented artists and backed up with their humour. To see more from Killer Ink and both artists from Grindhouse Tattoo […]

Artists, Tattooists, Tattoos

Artist Scott Campbell

Here we have some work from Artist Scott Campbell who works at Incredible Ink Tattoo Studio based in Staffordshire, Scott specialises in colour realism and portraits. If you would like to book an appointment with Scott you can contact him via links below: Incredible Ink Tattoo Studio Scott James Campbell Artwork

Artists, Tattooists, Tattoos

Artist Kev Hanks

We are pleased to share some work from Artist Kev Hanks based at Incredible Ink Tattoo Studio in Stoke On Trent,UK. Kev specialises in black and grey realism. If you have any concept ideas you would like to talk to Kev about or want to see what work he would love to do get in […]

Artists, Tattooists, Tattoos

Artist Liv Frost

Artist Liv Frost is someone who has shown Lifesinked a lot of support recently and this is one artist we can’t wait to see back doing her thing from tomorrow. Liv is based at Tattoo HQ in Chesterfield, Liv is also sponsored by our friends at Butterluxe Tattoo Care. Below is some of Liv’s work. […]

Artists, Tattooists, Tattoos

Artist Glyn Rowell

Glenn Rowell owner of Studio Glink Tatoo has shared his work with us and with a bit of information that they’ll be attending Tattoo Freeze in Telford in January, if you see them there go say hi! If anybody would like to book an appointment with the studio for realism black and grey, please use […]

Artists, Tattooists, Tattoos

Artist William Jones

We’re happy to be sharing Artist William Jones’ work who is the owner of Nebula Tattoo in South Wales,UK. William is a multi award winning tattooist and was the first person we got tattooed by and helped inspired us to get involved more within the tattoo industry. Picture above shows William on the right with […]


Restock & Skin Deep Tattoo Jam Awards

We are pleased to announce that a restock on our Essentials Beanies are on their way, we have five colour ways which feature in the picture which will be restocked very soon. Lifesinked is making its way around the globe and we always like to see where it ends up, we love seeing our followers […]